Photogrammetric recording of earthquake affected sites. Some examples from Armedea fieldwork

The development of Digital Photogrammetry (DP) in the last decade allows a wide variety of new techniques which hold the potential to accelerate and improve traditional research methods.  Archaeology is one scientific discipline which particularly benefits from the application of DP for the purposes of documentation, reconstruction and communication.

Within the Armedea project, DP has been applied to several case studies ranging from single structures (such as the pilasters of Saranda Kolones in Paphos, Cyprus), entire buildings (El Castillejo, Spain) to archaeological excavations (Vila Franca do Campo, Azores, Portugal).

We are exploring the application of this technique in order to better understand its potential in the analysis of seismic-affected archaeological and architectural sites.  Our research focuses on the characterisation of seismic damage in architectural contexts, but also on quick recording of archaeological trenches (sections and plans). This research activity is currently underway, and  the windows below allow access to some of our 3D reconstructions. This research is partially developed with Riccardo Valente from the Politecnico of Milan (Italy).





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